Solar And Wind Power – Two Golden Chances To Solve The Global Power Crisis

Solar and Wind Power

Today, when man has brought the planet on the verge of total destruction, finding alternatives to the fast disappearing non-renewable energy base, could mean a new lease on life, a new hope that a viable future can exist. As things stand today, nobody can guarantee the fate of this wonderful planet called Earth.

Solar And Wind Power – The Twin Injections Of Hope

Already a good number of research studies have been carried out on the feasibility to harness solar and wind power for the day-to-day life of humans. It has also been explored on how the same solar and wind power can be applied to industrial sectors, automobile sector and so on.

Solar power (solar batteries, solar panels, etc) is the energy which comes from the sun. This energy is captured through solar panels (which are still awfully expensive) which absorb the sunlight whenever it is available (they are known to do an excellent job, even when it’s cloudy); the energy thus saved can provide sufficient electricity to run a household of four members quite comfortably.

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Brace Yourself Manila, Philippines – Weather is Going to be Cloudy this Week

The weather is still going to be hot, at 31 Degrees Celsius but expect rain throughout the week.

Cloud in Manila

If you were in Pasig yesterday, you should have experienced the weird combination of heavy rain and really vibrant and hot sun. Hopefully, you weren’t hassled by the flooding that happened.

For the rest of the week, expect rainfall by night time. You will experience heavy rain but it might not last as long as it did yesterday.

Be sure to bring your umbrellas out during the day. If you are going for a run or a quick night out, wear your hoodie or rain jacket.

Eat healthy and keep yourself in top condition in this up & down weather.